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As a real estate investor, you want to put your money to work by investing in steady, income generating, appreciating properties. In order to achieve that you need to consider these two main aspects:

  • Buying a valuable property that will appreciate over time.

  • Have a property management company that will take care of the day-to-day operation.

Sabrina Group Property Management  is your best choice for Triad Property Management. Our associates specialize in property leasing, maintenance, bill payments, repairs , rehabs, evictions, inspections, daily & annual reports, accounting, legal regulations, and much more. We are your Triad Property Management.

 Investors require reliable, cost-efficient and professional care. Particularly out-of-town investors.

The Sabrina Group is the leading Triad Property Management Company that delivers all that and more !

  • We offer dozens of properties for sale at below-market prices. Most properties are off-market and are not advertised by anyone anywhere else.

  • Your houses for rent undergo a thorough inspection in order to get them rent ready.

  • We are the premier Triad Management company when it comes to marketing your home for rent. We take professional pictures, create a video clip, advertise your property in dozens of websites, email our prospective-tenants mailing list, schedule and conduct showings, sign leases, complete move-in/out walk through inspections and handle all tenants requests.

  • Our team will legally enforce your lease agreements. In the rare case eviction is needed, we will file it and represent you in court.

  • Our staff will take care of all your local property bills, taxes and insurance.

  • We are not only affordable, but will actually save you money!


Contact us today. Our staff members would love to answer your questions!

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